who we have funded

Below are a few organisations we have previously funded

Beyond Boundaries East Lothian

We funded the only Hand Bike in East Lothian so those who can’t or have limited use of their legs can now go cycling

Cycling Without Age Musselburgh

We match funded half the cost of a Tri Shaw to help it be purchased so it can be used to allow eldery residents be taking around Musselburgh

Beach Wheelchairs

We purchased an all terrain Wheel chair to be used at North Berwick beach

Smokey Paws

We purchased oxygen masks for pets to be used in fires in East Lothian

Rem Pods

This was our first ever award as a foundation where we donated 5 Rem Pods to be used in East Lothian

The Hollies Day Centre

We replaced the money that was stolen to allow them to have their annual Christmas dinner

Our Community Kitchen

We funded the project with an initial grant to allow them to start afternoon meals and we are delighted that they have grown and supported more people in this time