Walk Terms and Conditions

(Please note that the Terms & Conditions have been updated since previous versions. We will be updating these as the months progress and as Covid-19 restrictions are eased.

At the time of publishing (June 2021) these are the Terms & Conditions as it stands at that time.)

This may include Social Distancing requirements and also staggered starts. It may also impact the gatherings at the start, the stops and the party at the end. But please rest assured that the WWSF Board will be doing our VERY BEST to ensure that the Walk can go ahead as best as it can.

ALL monies raised will be for the Walk With Scott Foundation only. This will allow us to continue our support for causes, projects and Charities in our communities.

It is your responsibility for your own fitness level and assessment of your ability to complete each section of the Walk.

Everyone is welcome to walk with us in sections or the full 26.2 Miles.

Back Marker and Sweeper Cars –

Our Back-marker official will ensure the Walk pace is maintained throughout, from section to section.

There will also be sweeper cars to take you to the next meeting point.

At this point any individuals falling behind our Back-marker official & choosing NOT to use the sweeper car will need to make their own arrangements to get them to the next meeting point.

A sweeper car will collect and drop-off at the next meeting point. If you cannot continue YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO ARRANGE YOUR OWN TRANSPORT HOME OR TO THE FINISH.

It’s not a race…but there has to be a time limit. The Walk is timed for 20 mins a mile …3 Miles per Hour …26.2 miles =10 hours approx. (Plus break stops, so 7am to 6pm. )

Please provide adequate clothing and footwear, as well as water and Compeed for yourself. Refills of water will be provided.

ALCOHOL. Given our Charity Status, the Board met again with Authorities to discuss the Walk, including Walkers taking alcohol on the Walk. After taking on-board the guidance and advice, It’s our request that you please don’t drink on the public walkways and footpaths. There will be opportunity at the half-way point at Longniddry Legion for refreshments, but given that this is a Charity Walk, for Health & Safety reasons, and that our key ethos as a Foundation is to promote Health & Wellbeing, we would respectfully ask you to wait until we arrive back at Ross High Rugby Club to enjoy your tipple of choice. Thank you.

Fees – There will be a fee to join as all money raised is going to WWSF. This fee allows us to cover costs for the Walk, and further details on payment of this fee will be posted on our Website – www.walkwithscottfoundation.co.uk.

  • £20 fee per Walker age 18 and over,
  • £10 fee per Walker under 18 and
  • £50 per family.

T-Shirts – We will also be supplying t-shirts once again for this Walk, details will be available soon.

Sponsorship – we ask that each Walker signing up for the Walk this year, aims to raise £50 in sponsorship for the Foundation.

Signing up for the Walk 2021 on our new Virgin Money page, is confirmation that you are agreeing to ALL points in this statement/ disclaimer.

Over the next week you will also be given the link to our Walk 2021 Group Virgin Money fundraising page, to share with your nearest & dearest to allow much needed funds coming into our Foundation by way of sponsorship.

We very much look forward to sharing Walk with Scott 2021 with you, our 8th Walk – and welcoming you all, existing and new Scotters.