Walk 12 sign up

This is so we can cater for your food after the walk
Everyone is welcome to walk with us in sections or for the full distance. It’s your responsibility for your own fitness level and assessment of your ability to complete each section of the Walk. Our front-marker official will ensure the Walk pace is maintained throughout, from section to section. Please remember that it’s not a race…but there has to be a time limit. The Walk is timed for 20 mins a mile / 3 Miles per hour. There will also be support cars to take you to the next meeting point. At this point any individuals falling behind our Back-marker official & choosing NOT to use the sweeper car will need to make their own arrangements to get them to the next meeting point. A support car will collect and drop-off at the next meeting point. If you cannot continue YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO ARRANGE YOUR OWN TRANSPORT HOME OR TO THE FINISH. Please provide adequate clothing and footwear, as well as water and blister plasters / Compeed for yourself. Refills of water will be provided. ALCOHOL – For Health & Safety reasons, and that as our key ethos as a Foundation is to promote Health & Wellbeing, we would please respectfully ask you to wait until we arrive back at Cockenzie Legion to enjoy your tipple of choice. Thank you. Fees – There will be a fee to join as all money raised is going to WWSF. This fee allows us to cover costs for the Walk. £20 fee per Walker age 18 and over, £10 fee per Walker under 18 and £50 per family. If anyone is struggling to pay this, then please contact info@walkwithscottfoundation.co.uk as we do not want payment to be a barrier for anyone. T-Shirts – We will also be supplying t-shirts once again which can be ordered in the sign-up form. Sponsorship – we ask that each Walker signing up for the Walk this year aims to raise £30 in sponsorship for the Foundation. In agreeing these terms you are also stating that you are happy for Walk with Scott Foundation to contact you by email with updates on the Foundation.