Organise a Event

Why raise money for WWSF?

First of all thank you for considering WWSF for your fundraising! We rely on people like you to help us do what we do. Every penny raised for WWSF goes back to supporting good causes and making people’s lives better in East Lothian so you can be sure that your fundraising efforts will be fully put to good work.

Fundraising ideas

You may already have some great ideas for your event, but here are some of ours to help you find some inspiration.

Set a solo challenge – this can be physical, mental, or health related – we love challenges that make you healthier and happier which help us in the process! Remember safety first when thinking about challenges.

Get together with friends – run a social event (party, disco, afternoon tea, bake sale, etc– you get the picture) or set a group challenge (maybe sporting or health related). Have fun and raise money at the same time.

Involve work/school – dress down/up day, run a sweepstake, lunchtime challenges, etc

Maximise your fundraising

Use social media to promote your event.  Get friends to share, share, share! Take photos and send regular updates.  Tell them about WWSF and why it’s a great cause – link to our social media and website.

Involve others including friends, colleagues and family – the more the merrier.

Shout loud about your event and don’t be modest!

Decide how much you want to raise – set your sights high but also be realistic.

Choose your venue carefully – think about accessibility, size, costs, food and drink, safety requirements.

Ask local businesses to get involved, donate prizes – try to minimise your costs.

Ask your employer about possible fundraising matching schemes.

We’re here to help – get in touch with us if you need us to help promote your event.

Money matters

Make sure you know the rules on fundraising for your event.  Raffles and lotteries may need licenses, events may need insurance, and collections may need permission. If you need our help with any of this please get in touch.

Set up a fundraising page online. This is the best way to promote your event and get people to support you. It is also quick and easy to do.  This is also safe and secure, meaning you don’t have to handle or store money yourself. Your supporters can also boost their donations using gift aid.

If you are hosting a physical event and handling money, please ensure that you keep a record of the money that you receive. If possible ask, 1-2 people to help you with this aspect of the event.

Aside from our Virgin Money Giving page, other ways you can pay money to WWSF are:

Bank transfer or cheque click here for details

Thank you and good luck with your fundraising!