WWSF press release – November 2022

Walk With Scott Foundation, East Lothian’s dedicated charity supporting health, wellbeing and inclusion, is delighted and very proud to announce some very significant awards over the last few weeks.

Karen Kidd from WWSF said: 

The Foundation stands firm with the people of East Lothian to help those most in need during these difficult times.  We have made four significant awards over the last few weeks and we plan to be making more in the weeks ahead.  None of this would be possible without the support from our amazing proud family of Scotters and others who support our work. On behalf of those we are privileged to help, our thanks go to them.

WWSF recognises the amazing work our local food banks and community kitchens are doing day after day. Following our £6,000 award to a number of community kitchens earlier this year, we have just awarded East Lothian Foodbank £5,000 to allow them to continue to do great work supporting vulnerable people across the county. 

Elaine Morrison said:

We are absolutely delighted that the Walk with Scott Foundation would again like to support East Lothian Foodbank with a financial donation of £5,000. WWSF stepped up during the pandemic with a substantial crucial donation to support our work. The continued generous support of the Foundation is hugely appreciated and will allow us to continue to support those in the greatest need across East Lothian.

In recognition of it receiving the prestigious queens award for voluntary service, WWSF has awarded Home Start East Lothian £3,000.

Katy Pollock said:

Home-Start East Lothian is delighted to have received a £3,000 grant from Walk with Scott. For the team to recognise the work we do and honour us in this way means an awful lot. We all know the Cost of Living crisis will be hitting everyone, particularly those already on low budgets, more so those in work on low wages who have always managed before. As a charity we have been working hard to see how we can support families in the best dignified way. This money will allow us to continue that work, help provide budget friendly, wholesome food for the families to cook along side their volunteers, access to emergency fuel cards, ensuring everyone has appropriate clothing for the winter months. We will ensure this money is stretched to the limit to offer the best but most economical support we can. Thank you to the whole team at Walk with Scott.

Dad’s work is another local charity that we love to support.  WWSF has awarded £1,500 to support the development of a ‘Livingroom’ project where Dads and male carers can come to enjoy hot drinks and food in a warm environment over the winter. 

Kevin Young said:

As the cost of living crisis hits our already financially challenged families we want to provide a safe, warm and friendly environment for the Dads and carers we support. Over a warm drink and food, we aim to create peer support groups. We would also like to have the option to create a hardship fund to help provide some basic support over the winter months. WWSF is an amazing force for good within East Lothian and we are so grateful that the Foundation has again agreed to support our work.

Finally after a break in which left equipment badly damaged and stolen, WWSF has awarded £1,000 to Ross High Hockey team to ensure the team can continue to function and carry out the great community work they do. 

With a potentially challenging Winter ahead, WWSF is well positioned to help those in need across our community who may be in need of assistance. WWSF welcomes applications for funding.  Please see our website for details of how to apply. https://walkwithscottfoundation.co.uk/apply/