Second Way Of WWSF

Through our friends at Fostering Compassion, WWSF funded Smokey Paws kits for fire stations throughout the County; these are vital pieces of equipment to revive much loved pets who have been caught up in household fires.

We started the year by supporting the purchase in January of an all important trike for Hamish Colgan and a para-bowling wheelchair for East Lothian bowling. 

WWSF has, with your backing, supported crucial groups and services throughout our community. Our family of Scotters have faced the fight posed by this pandemic, given their time, energy and support and have risen to the challenge. We couldn’t have done what we have done without you. Please join us on our new website, sign up to receive our regular newsletters and updates; please encourage others to do the same and help grow the “Scotter family”! Thank you again for your love, support and community spirit.  

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