Scotters Newsletter December 2020

A message from the WWSF Board

WWSF Board wishes all our Scotters and their families all the best during the festive season.  Please stay well and stay safe; despite the weather we hope you can all stay active as well. After a challenging 2020, this is a time to relax with your nearest and dearest and reflect on better times ahead in 2021 when we can all get back together, unashamedly socially undistanced. 

This is also a time to consider those in our community that need our help and support. In the spirit of WWSF please do all that you can to help those who need it most – lending an ear, picking up the phone or chapping the door for a (socially distanced) chat can make the world of difference. As ever, if you hear or see things in our community that you think we can help with, please let us know.

WWSF celebrated its 3rd birthday as a Foundation in early November.  We’d had 8 wonderful years together in total and 3 as a Foundation.  Thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way. Onwards and upwards. 

Fundraisers update – money for nothing

Our thanks go to Michael Clague who donated his proceeds from his star appearance on BBC’s Money for Nothing to WWSF. We won’t spoil the surprise, but it was a surprisingly large amount of money. The episode will be aired in the Spring; we’ll keep you posted. Thank for thinking of us Mike, top man.

We hope everyone enjoyed Movember; well done to all those who raised money for this great cause or helped those who were doing so. 

Thank you to those who have generously donated their Christmas card money to WWSF.  What a wonderful gesture; your money will be put to very good use. 

What we have been up to – several awards, big and small

After a couple of months of teasers, we are finally able to announce that WWSF has awarded £12,000 to Active Schools East Lothian. This is a very significant award and one that we are exceptionally proud of. The funds will have a hugely positive impact supporting Active Schools to minimise barriers to participation in sport and physical activity for children and young people in our community. The funds will be used to provide support, training and equipment to those who need it. With these funds, low income and vulnerabilities will no longer be a barrier to participation in sport for young people in East Lothian. Colin said in the press release ‘encouraging and supporting young people back into activity is key to developing positive health and we again wish to thank our Family of Scotters for making this possible’. 

WWSF is working with Kinship Care Group in East Lothian over the festive period. We have identified 7 local families in need and have decided that WWSF will provide funding for a full Christmas meal for these deserving people. In addition to this, we have supported our good friends at East Lothian Fresh Chicken Boxes who identified a need to provide slow cookers to those who had little or no cooking facilities. WWSF stepped up with a donation, funding 40 slow cookers. 

Meantime, we have received several applications for funding through our new website. These are worthy applications and are under active consideration by the Board. We’ll share news on these when we are able to. 

Our own Gareth Glynn has also been on a charitable crusade of his own during November. On behalf of the Glynn family, Gareth has made donations to and appearances at several of our local charities – Our Community Kitchen, Fa’side Community Kitchen, Kinship Care and Roots & Fruits. These were personal donations, not related to WWSF, but we’d like to say well done Gareth and family anyway.  

Scottember500  – we smashed it!

We launched Scottember500 last month to collectively raise awareness of the importance of getting out into the fresh air, getting back to nature and keeping both physically & mentally healthy.  We asked Scotters to get out and about and try to clock up 500 miles over the course of November. In true Scotters style, we smashed it and got within a whisker of 1,000 miles (985 at the last count)! Special mention to Lyndsay Brotherston who personally clocked up 230 miles – congratulations on your tremendous feet Lyndsay (pun intended). 

Please keep on walking through December!  Let us know how you are getting on through social media posts. 

Events update – WWSF Infinity Walk, its a biggie!

Nothing to report this month.  Alas November should have been our annual Scotters Ball, but like so many events it has fallen victim to this dreaded virus. With news of a vaccine, we can now see some light at the end of what has been a long tunnel. I’m sure we’ll all commit to making our 2021 events the best ever. 

As a reminder, last month we announced that our postponed Infinity Walk (WWS8) will now take place over the first weekend of May 2021. In true WWSF spirit we intend to make up for our lost walk in 2020 and walk 58 miles over two days! Don’t worry, we plan to split the walk into stages making it easy for people to do as much or as little as possible. We’ll also make sure that as much of the walk as possible is accessible for those with disabilities. 

Our new website – share and subscribe!

Our new website has been up and running for a couple of months now and is getting very good traction. The website has links to recent news and events, has details of how to get involved by organising your own event, how you can donate and support us, how you can apply for grant funding, and much much more! 

If you have not already done so, please check it out and please share, share, share! If you have not done so, subscribe to receive regular updates from us. 

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