Scotter’s January 2021 Newsletter

A message from the WWSF Board

WWSF Board wishes all our Scotters and their families a very happy and healthy new year.  Let’s hope 2021 brings joy and happiness and allows us all to plug the holes that 2020 has left in our lives. We are looking forward to finally getting together with you all, as and when we are all able to. 

Although there is light at the end of the tunnel there is still some darkness. We are back in lockdown with all the challenges that brings. This, more than ever, is a time to consider those in our community who need our help and support. We have shared some useful phone numbers for those struggling with mental health issues at this time – check out our social media and our website for details. We are also planning a weekly virtual Scotters lunchtime get together – watch out for news on that soon.

In the spirit of WWSF please continue to do all that you can to help those who need it most – lending an ear, picking up the phone or chapping the door for a (socially distanced) chat can make the world of difference. As ever, if you hear or see things in our community that you think we can help with, please let us know.

Fundraisers update – thank you to our festive givers

As always, December was a quiet month for fundraising. WWSF would like to thank those who generously donated their Christmas card money to the Foundation.  What a wonderful gesture; your money will be put to very good use. Also to all of our Scotters who have helped out with other efforts in the community over the festive period, for example at the various community kitchens that are in operation throughout the County. 

What we have been up to – Ross High RFC community use gym

Last month we were finally able to announce that WWSF awarded £12,000 to Active Schools East Lothian. This is a very significant award and one that we are exceptionally proud of. This award was picked up by the East Lothian Courier and featured just before Christmas. In the article, our vice Chair Colin McGinn again expressed our thanks to the Family of Scotters for making this possible. 

In late December, WWSF supported Ross High RFC as part of the club’s gym refurbishment. Our £3,000 matching award completes the club’s fundraising objectives, allowing the project to be completed. Working with WWSF, Ross High RFC has agreed to make this facility available for regular weekly community use and will work with local groups to assess where needs are greatest. 

The WWSF 12 ways of Christmas 

In December we ran our very own Christmas countdown with our WWSF ’12 ways of Christmas’. Each day we highlighted an award that we had made in 2020. This covered small community projects and also our huge award to East Lothian Foodbank, Home Start and Wee Red Upcycles. This makes terrific reading and should make each and every Scotter extremely proud of what we have been able to achieve together. Check out our social media and our website if you have not seen this yet. 

Events update – Important WWSF Walk Update

As you know our infinity walk was due to take place spanning two days over the first weekend in May this year. The WWSF Board has regrettably concluded that given ongoing COVID issues that this is unrealistic. Rather, we have decided to delay the walk to Saturday 18 September, where we plan to arrange a one day marathon walk across East Lothian.  Details are still being worked through and will be released in due course. Meantime, please save the date and fingers crossed we are in a position to hold an amazing event that day.  

As for the infinity walk? Fear not, this will return in 2022!  

As for May? Fear not, we will be asking Scotters to run their own events to raise money for the Foundation, we’ll be in touch in due course.

The WWSF AGM will take place on Thursday 4 February at 7pm. This will be a virtual event and we hope some Scotters will be able to join us. If you would like to receive the link to join the meeting, please contact

Our new website – share and subscribe!

Our new website has been up and running for a couple of months now and is getting very good traction. The website has links to recent news and events, has details of how to get involved by organising your own event, how you can donate and support us, how you can apply for grant funding, and much much more! 

If you have not already done so, please check it out and please share, share, share! If you have not done so, subscribe to receive regular updates from us by filling out the form below

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