Scotter’s February 2021 Newsletter

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A message from the WWSF Board

WWSF Board sends its best wishes to our family of Scotters again this month. We hope you and your families are safe, healthy and happy. As the vaccine programme rolls out that light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer and soon we will all be together again!

We realise these times are tough for everyone and some people in our community may be struggling to cope. To this end, we have shared some useful phone numbers for those struggling with mental health issues at this time. We have also started running our Scotters catch up lunch sessions each Tuesday from 12.30pm.  Check out our social media and website for details of all of this. 

In the spirit of WWSF please continue to do all that you can to help those who need it most – lending an ear, picking up the phone or chapping the door for a (socially distanced) chat can make the world of difference. As ever, if you hear or see things in our community that you think we can help with, please let us know.

Fundraisers update – make WWSF your charity of choice

As the lighter nights come back upon us, some of you or your friends may be thinking of taking part in events such as walks, runs and other challenges. If you are doing so, please make WWSF your charity of choice to raise funds for. Thanks to those of you who have already informed us of your plans to run the Edinburgh Marathon in aid of WWSF.  

As you know, one of the unique features of our charity is that every penny raised goes to supporting good causes in our local community.  We hope you agree there is no better way to distribute much needed funds locally than through your very own WWSF.   

What we have been up to – a strong end to the year

Towards the end of last year we distributed a total of £15,000 to support Active Schools East Lothian and Ross High RFC’s community gym project. Both awards were picked up by the East Lothian Courier and we are very grateful to our family of Scotters for helping to make these happen. 

In January we made an award to Wee Red Upcycles to provide funds for a much needed printer and materials for the charity to use to provide creative packs to families who might otherwise struggle to gain access to such things. 

WWSF AGM – Scott Glynn MBE becomes Honorary Chair of WWSF

We held our AGM on 4 February.  Colin McGinn was in the Chair, joined by the WWSF Board members and with Kevin Young from Dad’s Work observing proceedings. 

Colin started the meeting by paying tribute to our founder Scott Glynn, who has left an indelible mark on our community. Colin felt Scott would have been very proud with the work the Foundation has carried out over the last year and proud of the Scotters who have made this possible in the most challenging of times. 

Alan Bell ran through the finances, stating that the Foundation had entered the pandemic in a strong financial position, allowing us to make several significant awards at crucial times. Despite having to cancel our own events, the creativity and generosity of our Scotters has allowed us to continue to raise funds and make awards. The Foundation remains in a strong position going into 2021.

Board positions were confirmed for the coming year with Colin resuming the vice Chair position, Karen Kidd as Secretary, Alan Bell as Treasurer, and Blair Stewart and Gareth Glynn as Trustee Board members. 

The Board resolved to create a new position of Honorary Chair and appointed Scott Glynn MBE to this position.  By doing so, Scott will continue to formally hold office in the charity that bears his name. 

WWSF Ambassadors – watch this space

As part of the AGM, the Board also agreed to appoint a number of WWSF ambassadors spread across East Lothian. These ambassadors will carry the ethos and spirit of the charity and work with the Board to promote and support the Foundation’s work. The ultimate objective is to widen WWSF’s reach and impact across our community. 

In the weeks ahead the Board will approach a number of individuals to consider taking on this role.  If you know someone who you think we should consider for such a position (or indeed if you would like to be considered), please let us know. 

Events update – WWSF Walk and WScotters’s Ball

We very much hope and expect to hold our WWSF walk on Saturday 18 September, where we plan to arrange a one day marathon walk across East Lothian.  Details are still being worked through and will be released in due course. Meantime, please save the date and get those walking boots looked out!

As for May? As you know May is our traditional WWSF walk month. So why not plan your own personal challenge in May (walking or otherwise) to raise money for the Foundation and get some much needed practice miles under your belt?

Finally, we are planning to host our annual Scotter’s Ball at the Royal Musselburgh GC on 20 November 2021. What a night that will be, something to look forward to at the end of this year.  Put it in your diary!

Our new website – share and subscribe!

Our new website has been up and running for a few months now and is getting very good traction. The website has links to recent news and events, has details of how to get involved by organising your own event, how you can donate and support us, how you can apply for grant funding, and much much more! 

If you have not already done so, please check it out and please share, share, share! If you have not done so, subscribe to receive regular updates from us below. 

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