Lock Down Fundraisers

During Lockdown many Charities suffered due to the cancellation of events. At Walk with Scott Foundation, we know the impact that this has caused in having to cancel so many of our events, including our flagship Walk event in early May. This resulted in us having no sponsorship or donations coming in during this time. THANKFULLY these wonderful people did their own fundraising activities to help raise funds for us, which has allowed us to continue to help others. Adding the word FUN into Fundraising in their varied unique ways… 

‘Lawson’s Way Rainbow Relay’ – 25th April

The residents from Lawsons’ Wayin Tranent, held a 12 hour Rainbow Relay, by walking, cycling running and even dancing! To raise funds for both the Walk with Scott Foundation, and the East Lothian Foodbank – PURE community spirit, and is everything our amazing Foundation is built upon. The raised a fantastic amount of £ (Alan can you please add in the final amount and the photo? thanks) – THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU.

‘Sing Every Day in May’

Local singer Dean Jones sang a song a day in May and raised over £2,400 for the Walk with Scott Foundation. 

It was great to see one of the original Scotters doing his bit to raise these funds to help our communities. Dean also received recognition from the Scottish Parliament for this and his ongoing help and support in singing to vulnerable Groups across the County. Very well done Dean and THANK YOU VERY MUCH ONCE AGAIN.

‘Mary Kidd’s Tik Tok 6 Hour marathon’

One of our youngest Scotters-Mary Kidd (age 9) decided to raise some funds for the WWSF by dancing Tik Toks for 6 solid hours. Mary has walked the last few miles for the last 4 Walks and is usually sponsored, and she realised that although she wasn’t getting any sponsor money for walking this year, that she could raise funds for us by doing something else. And given her love for Tik Toks it made sense. Mum Karen is the Secretary of the WWSF and couldn’t be prouder. Mary had a target of £100 and smashed this by raising just over £3,500 for the WWSF. Mary’s ~Tik Tok story was across the press and even made national TV, on Martin & Roman Kemp’s Sunday Best Show where Mary and her family were interviewed by the Kemps, allowing Karen a great opportunity to chat about our wonderful Foundation and what we do. THANK YOU MARY – YOU’RE A WEE STAR! x

‘Charlie’s Challenge’

In May another young Scotter, Charlie raised a wonderful £1,995 by cycling 104 miles in May for our Foundation, alongside his little sister Meredith. A frequent user of the Beach Wheelchairs, which mum Melanie helps run, and where the WWSF donated funds in 2018 to help the purchase of a new electronic chair, Charlie has cerebal palsy and not once has let his disability stop him doing anything in life. Charlie is a HUGE inspiration to us all and we are always amazed by his kind heart. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH CHARLIE x

These absolutely amazing fundraisers along with donations from other wonderful supporters has boosted our funds by over £7000 during Lockdown and has helped us to continue to help others especially at this very difficult time for so many people,

Plus at the moment, our fabulous Scotter Iain Donaldson Elder is covering 100 miles in his wheelchair throughout August to raise funds for 2 charities – WWSF and the fantastic Leuchie house – we’ll provide a further update on this soon.

With the help from these Scotters we are able to keep our charity going. Other charities have suffered massively, but we are very proud that every penny raised by us and our supports goes back to helping our communities has helped, so no overheads and no outlays.

Thank you all so very much from the bottom of our hearts. We’re both humbled and proud to have such an amazing ‘Scotter family’.

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