Big Boys Breakfast – a big thank you

Folks you will know that our inspiration Scott Glynn MBE started the Big Boys Breakfast a few years ago and it is now a key part of the WWS Foundation yearly events programme. On Sunday we had an absolutely wonderful event which was a tribute to his profession and the esteem in which he is held. A 150 strong crowd were entertained by a trio of superb speakers namely John Gahagan, Raymond Mearns and Bill Copeland with a fantastic audience who supported us in raising £5000 for worthy causes throughout East Lothian. Blair Stewart was again at the heart of organising this day and his efforts cannot be understated.

Our three wonderful speakers at the 2022 BBB

Our thanks again to every single one of you who helped to support the auction and raffle either donating or supporting and I could not end without including Ritchie McKirdy Butchers, Peter Ford Premier Bakers, Iain McLeod and all the staff at Cockenzie Legion. Every one played a major part in this event so from our Board to you all a massive massive thank you again.

A packed room at Cockenzie legion waits for proceedings to start

Colin McGinn – Vice Chair, Walk with Scott Foundation