Ambassador Appointment

WWSF is delighted to announce that Tom Shearer MBE will become an ambassador for the Foundation. Tom’s is the first in a series of ambassador appointments WWSF intends to make across the East Lothian region. 

WWSF vice chair Colin McGinn said:

WWSF has decided to appoint ambassadors across the region to work with the Board and help to promote and raise awareness of the Foundation in our local community and beyond. WWSF is increasingly being recognised as a force for good within East Lothian – assisting other groups, individuals and families to make a positive difference to their lives; helping others to help themselves. The Board wants to make WWSF the charity of choice for individuals and businesses in East Lothian to support and we believe the appointment of key ambassadors is an important step in achieving this.

We are therefore delighted to welcome Tom Shearer as a WWSF ambassador. Tom is well known and respected throughout East Lothian. Through his professional life and his involvement with a number of community groups, no one has done more work in our local community than he has. Tom is well known to the Foundation and a proud ‘Scotter’ having completed several of our annual walks and attended our events.  WWSF will benefit from his knowledge and experience and we are very excited to welcome him on board.

Tom Shearer MBE said:

It is a privilege to be granted the opportunity to promote the values of WWSF, first established by Scott Glynn MBE himself and which are now embedded into the activities of the Foundation. The ideals and values that Scott developed are principles that I embrace and that are close to my heart. There is no greater satisfaction in life that being able to play a part in changing a person’s circumstances that lead to a healthier and more prosperous life.  In my role as ambassador I will use the opportunities available to me through my involvement with other organisations and networks to promote the values of the Foundation and in doing so create greater awareness of what WWSF stands for. I am confident this will lead to the possibility of increased fundraising, every penny of which will go back into the community. Most importantly of all I look forward to playing a part in identifying those in need in our community who may benefit from assistance from the Foundation.

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