The Walk With Scott Foundation is a community driven charity based in East Lothian, which:

  • promotes health and wellbeing in the community
  • supports mental health and inclusion
  • supports Communities in East Lothian by organizing events and giving grants.

250 charity Miles walked by Scotters,

Over 50 charities and causes helped,

Raised nearly £500,000 (yes half a million pounds!!)

EVERY penny raised is given back out to other charities and good causes.

“Since 2013 Walk With Scott Foundation’s fundraising activities have resulted in significant benefits for local charities, community groups and good causes.”

East Lothian MSP Iain Gray

Walk With Scott is a Registered Charity and is run by a group of Volunteers. The Trustees are Colin McGinn, Karen Kidd, Blair Stewart, Tom Shearer and Alan Bell.

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